Hot Stone Massage in Dubai

Hot Stone Massage Service in Dubai

It is a form of the therapeutic massage. It is given through the warm stones placed on the different parts of the body. It stones that are used are the river stones and are smooth in surface. The base of the stones is basalt.

The process

They are heated in sanitizing water, before they are used. They are very rich and extremely high in basalt (as mentioned before), this means they are high in iron. The presence of iron keeps the stone warmer for longer duration.


This form of massage is considered very well for physical as well as psychological uplifting. You

may imagine thyself the benefits henceforth:-

  •  Better thought process
  •  Better off physically
  •  Better decision making
  •  Better long run planning

You may easily contact Dubai Massage service for such a massage.


The following persons should avoid availing this massage:-

  •  Pregnant women
  •  High Blood pressure patients

Body massage in Dubai is one of the famous services that the city has to offer. All you have to do it understand yourself. If you do so then you may be able to get what you have been seeking. Services given as per the need and requirements provide the best of results. So be smart, be proactive, be right, and choose the right service as per the demand of your body.Listen to thyself.